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How To Use An Elevator

How to use an elevator | Guide to use and elevator +6012-9668133

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I studied Building Services Engineering at London South Bank University. After graduation, I worked in many positions in Engineering.

I am sharing this video as an awareness for the safety of elevator passengers.

A University California professor climbed out of a stalled elevator recently and was crushed when the car suddenly moved unexpectedly.

There are dangers as well. Never force a car door to open.

Allow passengers to get out first.

Use the elevator properly and safely.

Home Elevator Price

Is a home elevator expensive? +6012-9668133

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Today, I will cover Elevator FAQ:

Q: Are elevators expensive?
Why you should not just select a lift base on price alone.
Factors affecting price:
Mechanical drive rating is slightly larger than the load. (not under rated)
Electrical drive rating is slightly larger than the load (not under rated)
Type of drive selected.
Type of finishing. stainless steel or epoxy coated
Type of construction. metal or glass
Optional: Intercom, emergency battery backup
Availability of spare parts.

Types of Home Elevators

Home Elevator Types +6012-9668133

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Home Elevator Features

Home Elevator Price | Home Elevator Feature | Home Elevator Specification. +6012-9668133

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Home Elevators | House Elevator

It is awesome to have an elevator in the house.  With an aging population a home elevator planned for the house is a welcome feature that can be use by everyone including those on wheelchairs. +6012-9668133

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Home elevator features